Our 2017 Race Shirts

Here is the mockup of our men’s shirt.  The women’s shirt will have a V-neck.


Our New Master of Ceremonies

We are very happy to announce that we have Michael Bernier as the Master Of Ceremonies for the Rock Lobster Relay this year.

Course Maps:

Our course maps and leg lengths are accurate as of March 30th.  We are still waiting on final approval from some Relay Transition Areas.  If any of these change, we will make note of it here and update the course maps. Legs 35 and 36 will likely change slightly, as we are hoping to move TA 35 to a new spot.

Code Gratitude:

For 2017, we have teamed-up with Code Gratitude, a program that rewards all of our protectors. We are offering a 10% discount to all law enforcement, fire fighters, EMS and military.  This discount also extends to their family members.   Click HERE to get the discount code.

At our 2015 Shipyard Old Port Half Marathon, we had Portland Police Officer Brent Abbott run the race in his full uniform (including boots and body armor). If you are as tough as Brent and will run in your full uniform, we we will give you a free entry.  Email us at:[email protected] for more information about running in uniform.