Leg 7– 5.06 Miles

Transition Area 7

TA 7 is located at Tractor Supply Co: 461 High Street, Ellsworth, ME 04605. If anyone in your team is looking for a bite to eat check out Ellsworth Giant Sub. If you take a left out of Tractor Supply Co. onto High Street it is a half mile down on your left.

Leg 8– 3.81 Miles

Transition Area 8

TA 8 is located at Ellsworth Elementary/Middle School: 20 Forest Avenue, Ellsworth, ME 04605. If it’s not past 3pm yet, check out Sylvia’s Cafe. This mom-n-pop style breakfast place is a great stop to get some protein or carb up with some pancakes. They also have gluten free options! Take a right out of the school’s Forest Ave. entrance and drive to the end of the road. Then take a right onto State Street and it will be on your right. Sylvia’s is only 0.3 miles away from the school. Also, if you just need a quick coffee and a breakfast sandwich you will notice Dunkin’ Donuts on the corner of Forest Ave and State Street.

Leg 9– 7.36 Miles

Transition Area 9

TA 9 is located at Surry Elementary School: 754 North Bend Road, Surry, ME 04684.

Leg 10– 5.77 Miles

Transition Area 10

TA 10 is  located at Pondview Apartments They are located at

1374 Bucksport Rd Ellsworth, ME 04605.  The Relay Exchange Zone will be in their parking lot.  There will be portable toilets in the parking lot. 

Leg 11–7.41 Miles

Transition Area 11

TA 11 is the first free exchange area. There will be no volunteers in the free exchange zones. This zone is from the start of Dunbars Road to the first cutoff back to Route 1.  The address is Dunbars Road, Orland, ME 04472. This exchange area is only 0.25 miles long.  Team vans should park along Dunbars Road, which runs parallel to Route 1. Please be mindful of the residents and do not block their driveways.  As a free exchange area, you will exchange anywhere along this 0.25 mile stretch.  After the exchange, there is a market and gas station 1/2 mile south on Route 1.

Leg 12– 5.61 Miles

Transition Area 12

TA 12 is located at Bucksport High School: 102 Broadway, Bucksport, ME 04416. This is also VTA 2. Good job van 2, now you get to relax and refuel! Once you pick up your last runner you can back track just slightly on Route 1 where you can find Subway, Hannaford Supermarket, and Dunkin’ Donuts. If Subway is what you want, make sure to get there before 10pm, which is when they close. Also, if you were looking to pick some things up at Hannaford or grab a coffee from Dunkin’, they both closed at 9pm. There is also a Circle-K gas station on the left just before you cross the bridge into Verona Island. The high school has plenty of fields to set up a tent and get some shut eye as well.