Leg 25– 9.28 Miles

Transition Area 25

Congratulations runner 1 you are done! TA 25 is located at Wiscasset Town Dock Marina: 25 Water Street, Wiscasset, ME 04578.

Leg 26– 3.35 Miles

Transition Area 26

You’re done runner 2! TA 26 is located at Shaw’s Supermarket, located at 670 Bath Rd Wiscasset, ME 04578

Leg 27– 8.06 Miles

Transition Area 27

TA 27 at Fischer Miller School is where runner 3 will finish their journey: 597 High Street, Bath, ME 04530. Bath is a very interesting town so if you get a chance to look around, do it!


Leg 28– 5.3 Miles

Transition Area 28

TA 28 is located at the Androscoggin River Bike Path-East: 34 Grover Lane, Brunswick, ME 04011. This may be your new favorite place runner 4, because at this point you don’t have to run any more! Hop in the van and quickly head over to TA 29. Runner 5 only have 2.7 miles to go!


Leg 29– 2.69 Miles

Transition Area 29

TA 29 is located at the other end of the Androscoggin Bike Path- Boat Launch: 99 Water Street, Brunswick, ME 04011. Just like that you’re done runner 5! Another quick leg is next for runner 6, and once they complete it, your van has completed your portion of the race!


Leg 30– 3.71 Miles

Transition Area 30

TA 30, also known as VTA5, also known as van 1 is done! Nice job runner 6! You will complete your leg at Brunswick High School: 116 Maquoit Road, Brunswick, ME 04011. You could stick around the Brunswick area, or you could head straight to Portland to prepare to cheer your team on as that last runner crossed the finish.