Leg 19– 5.89 Miles

Transition Area 19

TA 19 is located at: Machias Savings Bank, 3 Glen Street, Rockport, ME 04841.

Leg 20– 5.89 Miles

Transition Area 20

TA 20 is located at American Legion Post 37, located at

Starr Street, Thomaston, ME 04861

Leg 21– 7.05 Miles

Transition Area 21

TA 21 is located at Warren Community School: 117 Eastern Road, Warren, ME 04864. There isn’t much in this area, but if you need to fill up the van there are a couple gas stations.


Leg 22– 8.45 Miles

Transition Area 22

TA 22 is located at Miller Elementary School: 145 Kalers Circle Street, Waldoboro, ME 04572. There are only a few places in this area to eat at the times your team will be going through. For some, nothing will be open, but for others your choices are Dunkin’ Donuts, which opens at 5am, or Deb’s Diner, which opens at 6am.


Leg 23– 5.14 Miles

Transition Area 23

TA 23 is located at Nobleboro Little League Baseball Field: 14 Lazy Acres Lane, Nobleboro, ME 04555. Keep chugging van 2! Just 4 miles is between you and a long break!


Leg 24– 3.97 Miles

Transition Area 24

TA 24 is located at the Great Salt Bay Community School. There is a small market called Rising Tide Community Market that is down the street. You may have to wait a while before it open at 8am though. Crissy’s Breakfast and Coffee Bar is also down the street and opens at 8am.