Leg 13– 8.39 Miles

Transition Area 13

TA 13 is located at the Stockton Springs Town Office, located at 217 Main Street, Stockton Springs,ME 04974 .

Leg 14– 4.07 Miles

Transition Area 14

TA 14 is located at Searsport Full Gospel Church: 71 East Main Street, Searsport, ME 04974.

Leg 15– 6 Miles

Transition Area 15

TA 15 is at a beautiful location in Belfast, Heritage Park: 21 Front Street, Belfast, ME 04915. This is one of the most beautiful harbors along the RLR course. There are many food option in this area, but do keep in mind that your runner only has about 4 miles until you need to be at the next TA. We suggest calling into Rollie’s Bar and Grill and getting takeout if anyone is hungry. Rollie’s is open from 11am-1am, so it will definitely be open when you go through. Also, another option for a great takeout place is Delvino’s Grill and Pasta House. This place has great food and a gluten free options, but do be aware that it closes at 9pm. One more local favorite is Darby’s Restaurant and Pub, open until 9:30pm.

Leg 16– 3.92 Miles

Transition Area 16

TA 16 is located at Edna Drinkwater School: 100 Bayside Road, Northport, ME 04849. After dropping off your runner your group has some time to sit down and grab a bite to eat.  If you’re one of the few teams to be passing this area before 7pm, we suggest Bayside Country Store. You would have passed it getting to this TA on your right. You will just need to backtrack on Bayside Road less than a half mile. This store has great subs, along with pizza and burgers as well.


Leg 17– 8.98 Miles

Transition Area 17

TA 17 is located at the Lincolnville Beach: 2521 Atlantic Highway, Lincolnville, ME 04849. The runner that starts from here also has about a 9 mile run, so your team has some time to explore. Take a dip in the ocean and if you wish bring some soap and shampoo with you. If you’re looking for food, and it’s before 10pm look into the Whale’s Tooth Pub & Restaurant. Be aware though that they serve mostly seafood, which can be pricy.


Leg 18– 6.93 Miles

Transition Area 18

TA 18, also known as VTA 3 is located at the Penobscot Bay YMCA: 116 Union Street, Rockport, ME 04856. If your van wants to eat out as a group I would suggest getting takeout from some of the restaurants around TA 15, 16, or 17. Once you arrive at TA 18 it will be around 9pm and 3am, so not only are there not much for food places in the area, but if there were they would probably be closed. Once you get back onto Route 1 you will find a couple gas stations.