6-Pack Team (6 Person)

rlr-vanA 6 Pack Team will be paired up with another 6 Pack Team to great a full 12 person team.  A 6 Pack is most useful when you cannot find 12 running friends, but you don’t want to run the distances of an Ultra Team. We do try our best to match your 6-Pack Team up with another 6-Pack that has a similar pace, but this is not promised. Just like the other team you will need to decide your rotation in your 6-Pack and stay with this rotation throughout the race.

6-Pack Registration Fee

Until January 1, 2017 $540 + $27 registration fee
January 1, 2017 – April 29, 2017 $600 + $30 registration fee
April 30, 2017- June 17, 2017 $660 + $33 registration fee